Bionic Golf Gloves

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Product Description

The Bionic Golf Glove is unlike traditional golf gloves because it helps regain club control. With innovative features based on anatomy, the Bionic Glove combats hand characteristics that interfere with game play. The bony peaks of the hand create an uneven surface when gripping the club. Golfers tend to naturally grip the club harder to even out the surface, fatiguing the hand and causing inconsistent shot and inaccuracy. The strategically placed relief zone padding instantly evens the surface. The result of Bionic technology is better accuracy with each shot. Greater grip strength. Custom fit for natural movement. Enhanced club control. Less hand fatigue. And superior resistance to seasonal wear and tear — adding long-term value. Features Available in Mens and Womens Available in Right and Left Hand Ergonomic design via motion zones and breathable web zones provides improved comfort, fit and performance. Index-to-hand interface zone on back of fore-finger improves breathability and dexterity. Scientific padding on thumb, fingers and palm helps reduce callouses, blisters and hand fatigue. Patented pre-rotated finger design provides natural closure of hand. Anatomical relief pads on thumb, fingers and palm help reduce hand fatigue and callouses. Top grade cabretta leather (machine washable / air dry) is so supple you can operate a cell phone. Gloves designed by a renowned hand surgeon to help protect your hands while enhancing dexterity.