Winn 6Xi-BBL Extreme Integration 2007 (Xi7) Golf Grips - Black and Blue Xi7 Midsize

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Designed for higher swing speeds, the Xi7 resulted from years of R&D, and expert direction from John Daly, Butch Harmon, and Winn's newest player advisor, Natalie Gulbis. This firmer version of Winn's V17 material features a highly textured, firm feel with optimum torque resistance, resulting in a cord-like feel while minimizing hand-wear and fatigue. Winn PGA advisor John Daly asserts: "The new Xi7 is unbelievalbe in good weather and bad weather, and it doesn't hurt my hands." * V17 with extreme patterns delivers a firm, responsive feel * Ultimate shot control * Maximum all-weather playability * Extreme durability * AI (Advanced Integration) Technology integrates different textures and colors that determine the feel and control of a grip for the golfer * AVS (Advanced Vertical Seam) allows for easy installation with up to four extra wraps Features * Style: Xi7 * Material: V17 * Firmness: XF Firm * Thickness: 2.0 mm * Color: Black and Blue * Weight: 52 grams * Size: Midsize * Profile: Tapered * Core Size: .600